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Operations & Maintenance

It’s just one of many reasons why we operate and maintain our client’s infrastructure like it’s our own, delivering exceptional, innovative solutions that maximize the value of assets and stand the test of time. We provide fit for purpose solutions for maintenance and turnaround execution services. By focusing on continuous productivity improvement and client collaboration, we’re able to improve efficiency of existing operations, increase production and reduce costs.

NMCES technical experts can implement operations and maintenance programs that optimize life-cycle value, facility operating costs and reliability while providing a comfortable, safe, and productive workspace for employees.

Our diverse service line gives us the luxury of reaching all types of client needs. And that’s just what we strive to do fulfill the unique needs of every single client in an efficient manner that makes life easier for them. NMCES provides comprehensive O&M services to,

  • Operations and Maintenance of Engineering Services (Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic)
  • Grounds Management
  • Road Maintenance
  • Operations and Maintenance of Water Utilities such as Waste Water, Potable Water and Sea Water Cooling System, Sewage Treatment Plant, etc.
  • Operations and Maintenance of Gas Metering Stations
  • Operations and Maintenance of Power Stations
  • Management of Water Supply, Wastewater and Sanitation Services
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspection and Repair, Integrity Support Services, Supply of Cleaning Pigs, Supply of Traps (Launchers & Receivers), Pipeline Coating Services, etc.
  • Metal Protection Coatings
  • Hazardous Waste Management Services
  • Industrial Waste Transportation
  • Potable Water and Waste Water Pipe Maintenance
  • Cladding, Pipeline Insulation & Refractory
  • Sludge Handling
  • Catalyst Handling